Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patience and Ryan Baxley

Patience was the keyword for today (though some of my work buddies might have guessed 'anger' or 'lash-out'). Patience to deal with my shortcomings, those of others around me and the constant sense of waiting for something interesting to happen around here. But perhaps I am being too serious about work (certainly for the pay I receive) and should lighten up about it and other stuff. More on that in tomorrow's post (with the appropriate music to go with it).

For now, the music that brought me peace of mind, moving and exciting, calming and focusing. You'll get it all from California's singer-songwriter Ryan Baxley. Aside for the regular difficulties of a struggling indie artist, he'd also had the misfortune of a record mix destroyed without leaving much of a trace. Still, he's moved on and created, so far, at least 3 LPs and an EP, some of which are available on his websites. So, the combination of patience and good music is not a bad thing at all.

Listen to Ryan Baxley on MySpace and last.fm, where tracks and albums may be freely downloaded.

Ryan Baxley - Pickin' On Dadgad {MP3} (from Bedtime Stories and Fairy tales)
Ryan Baxley - Someplace I've Never Been (Part 2) {MP3} (from Bedtime Stories and Fairy tales)
Ryan Baxley - All I See Is You {MP3} (from Bedtime Stories and Fairy tales)
Ryan Baxley - Fairytale Dreams {MP3} (from Bedtime Stories and Fairy tales)

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