Monday, May 11, 2009

On George and Queen

"Nothing could go wrong, everything's under control". How many times has this line been used to bring about harrowing events upon the seemingly unsuspecting victims? And how many times were we lulled by our self confidence founded on ignorance into another of life's nasty little surprises?

Not so in this case. George and Queen, an Auckland, New Zealand band centered around married couple Immi Paterson and Neil Newton, whose line opens this post, offers a very pleasant surprise. In a musical body of work that varies between indie pop and post-rock and spans, thus far, two LPs, they create a haunting original and somehow distantly familiar sound.

It is an evocative experience, beyond control.

Check out George and Queen on their blog, MySpace and for updates and more tracks. Their CDs can be bought on

George and Queen - Private Paradise {MP3} (from City)
George and Queen - Loose like Legs {MP3} (from City)

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