Monday, May 18, 2009

Frozen Silence's Cold Colors

The creative moniker of Finnish Matti Paalanen, Frozen Silence, invokes a myriad number of images for me. From the quiet awkwardness of a small talk gone awry, a first date going to even worse places and the seemingly infinitely wide open scenes of the far north and south: majestic glaciers, huge tundras and snow covered trees.

The last image, somewhat resembling the picture on the right taken from Frozen Silence's profile on, can also be felt and perhaps even seen while listening to the music. It's as though the images are being drawn and shaped before your eyes, except that they use material partly from your own memories, so the result is distantly familiar. And charming.

Listen to Frozen Silence on MySpace, Jamendo and Some of his LPs can be downloaded on and Jamendo.

Frozen Silence - Childhood {MP3} (from Frozen Silence)
Frozen Silence - Loneliness {MP3} (from Frozen Silence)
Frozen Silence - Nightingle {MP3} (from Frozen Silence)

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