Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Love You

"I Love You" - simple, heartfelt and sometimes difficult to say (or even to think). We've probably all been in those situations, pain in chest, dry throat and burning in the eyes, when all we can see or feel is the other person. Someone you think so special that all others melt before her (or him, depends on who reads this). So you approach, somewhat timid, hold her hand and feel the words ripped out of you, hurrying to their acoustic destiny in the little space between you.

These feelings and emotions have somehow been personified and forged into a beautiful, somewhat dark, song by Texas' singer-songwriter Beau McDermott. As it is simple and direct so it is powerful and moving. If there's even a shred of the romantic left in you, you will feel it too.

Check out Beau McDermott on MySpace and last.fm. More tracks are available on SoundClick.

Beau McDermott - I Love You {MP3}

1 comment:

Beau said...

What a wonderful review you wrote years ago.
Is 'Thank You' ever too late?

Thank you.