Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Festive Pause: Eatliz's "Hey"

I've finally been able to get into some festive, mildly happy mood. The last paper, barring anything I'd have to re-submit for some unknown yet awful reason, is ready in its first draft. It totally sucks, of course, but I'm not too worried. This means I have about two days to review it and make enough adjustments to it (as in MAJOR adjustments) to be qualified as a good enough paper (which means I can just barely submit it without being completely overcome with shame). Yay!

In honor of this wondrous achievement and the somewhat deceiving sense of freedom accompanying it, I want to share this beautiful and rather disturbing clip for "Hey" by the Israeli alternative indie-rock band Eatliz (MySpace,, home page).

According to Guy Ben-Shitrit , main creator of the song and the video clip, the production took almost 3 years to realize - and it shows. It was featured on Aniboom, Youtube and MTV and is available to download here (as well as just the song).

Eatliz - Hey (from Violently Delicate)

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Palamida said...

Hey. Avid reader of your blog, nothing but good taste :).
I thought you might be interested in listening to some magical work related to this post. Eatliz's guitarist Amit Erez (a prolific artist in his own right) is simply a wonderful musician. check out his MySpace and share your thoughts.
Have a nice day.