Thursday, December 04, 2008

Featured Artist(s): Wixel

Wixel is a post-rock-indietronica-alt-folk band from Belgium that would make your dreams glitter and hum as though they were struck by a particularly intelligent magic wand.

Led by Wim Maesschalck, founder of the slaapwel indie records label (that specializes in music to fall asleep to), the group is releasing these days its second LP, Somewhere Between The Sun and The Moon.

According to Wim (and the album itself), the tracks provide a feeling of a wintry dark voyage between the sun and the moon, with only the light of the stars to guide the way. This takes careful balance on the borders of melody and coherence, edging on sanity itself.

In his words (and check the site and blog for other goodies and intriguing influences): "
I really like dense layers of sound where lots of details are tickling your ears, some begging for attention, but the most beautiful ones are all hidden in a wild stream of melodies and sounds. Think of Sonic Youth or Mogwai. To counter that, I can't deny my love for a simple single melody. In my world, it's the core of music. So sometimes you just leave a melody alone, which in itself can be incredibly beautiful."

While this album is not about happiness or joy, it is still possible to immerse yourself in it and smile, filled with contentment and peace. The dreams will follow soon enough.

Wixel - Outside Your Locked Heart (from Somewhere Between the Sun and the Moon)
Wixel's picture is from their MySpace.

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