Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Featured Artist(s): Avoidance Theory

I've been avoiding and evading a lot in my life. It is no secret. I've made several new year and other resolutions trying to ammend this, but it seems my resolve melts in the presence of my esacpe-artist-like persona. It's not like I can't commit to people, ideas or courses of action; I can. It's that, that in order to actually bring myself to face these decisions, it takes a lot of patience and determiniton from myself and those around me. It's kinda like navigating an air-craft carrier in a way: small successive changes of course will have more impact than a solitary command to change.

So, as I stuggle with the currents of life, both real and imaginary, trying to decide which is the iceberg and which the safe haven to dock in, I have to be on alert. Not just for people and situations around me, who sometimes seem to drift by never to be seen again, but also for myself. I watch myself, the lonely captain, wondering how much would I allow myself on the next encounter, and how much does it, this fear, really matters.

That's my theory (and practise) of avoidance. Fortunately, I know of a better one. Avoidance Theory is actually Bryan and Linda of California, creating dreamy bedroom indie pop. Bitter-sweet, their unique balmy melodies and matching lyrics offer a kind of a green grove imbued atmosphere, which is in fact the main theme of one of their CDs (The Shape of Trees).

Perhaps it's nice to flee this world from time to time, to the waiting glade of Avoidance Theory.

Avoidance Theory - Neck of the Woods (from The Shape of Trees)
Additional tracks are available on their official site and their Last.fm page. The picture (songs of the trees?) is from their website.

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