Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Featured Artist: Geoff Ereth

Imagine tranquility for a minute. Not the phony kind you get with a relaxation tape or the heavy numbing feeling after a large meal.

Picture it: you're a farmer returning from your daily labor in the fields, an 18th century idyllic setting sun still lingering over the long boulevard of trees and your home looms just over there, below a huge silvery moon. Soon the stars are coming out and the crickets welcome you with song. You've come home.

As you approach the gravel path leading slightly up the hill to your door, your iPod (for no 18th century is complete without some sort of damnable contraption) soothly plays your favorite play list and comes to Geoff Ereth. He hasn't been born yet, or maybe you went to his Brooklyn concert just the other day; it doesn't matter. He sings your way home.

Geoff Ereth - Paramystical Parachute {MP3} (from the forthcoming Drunk With Translation [iTunes])
Geoff Ereth's picture is from his page on Last.fm (where you can listen to a few more of his tracks). Also try his MySpace for more details and updates.

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