Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Song of the Morning: Murder In The City

Getting up can be tough sometimes, especially when you spend the latter part of the night tossing and tumbling with one strange dream after another. Among these fleeting dreams are, sometimes, the songs of the morning, those I wake up to. I don't always realize what song it is. Sometimes I don't even hear it - until the chorus comes crashing in while I'm brushing my teeth or the silent final few chords whisper softly as I turn around the house before I leave for work, wondering what I've forgotten to do this morning.

Sometimes I realize what song it was only hours later, when it's actually playing on the stereo. This is the case with this post's song, The Avett Brothers' beautiful "Murder in the City". Because sometimes it's not enough to simply get up in the morning. Sometimes you need to wake up to reality (even if only briefly) and see that things can be better. The creative art, genuine enthusiasm and uniqueness of the Avetts is a good enough such reason to wake up (and go to one of their fabled concerts if you're on the same continent).

The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City (from The Second Gleam EP {The Avett Brothers Store, Amazon}) Also highly recommended is their latest album Emotionalism, from which the second clip ("Go to Sleep") is taken. Their picture is from their official website.

The Avett Brothers - Go To Sleep

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