Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Pause

In writing this blog I'd hoped to do something I normally desperately am trying to avoid - getting noticed. I admit, I wanted someone to hear me, someone to read this. Now, it seems that I have been noticed, only that by the wrong people.

I received an e-mail today from Blogger saying that they've removed my latest post due to copyright infringement. This is a fairly scary message to receive as it contains many strange, legal-minded words. However, as the infringing content has been removed and I have no intention of posting such material, I hope that this is the end of that unfortunate affair.

This leaves me puzzling how exactly will I be able to share my thoughts and feelings about the music I love without actually sharing the music itself. As I am very much aware of a lot of other music and MP3 blogs, I suspect some sort of sharing is possible. The question is how or perhaps whose. It seems that the more indie and low profile the artist the better - as these artists tend to share their music more readily and freely, with free songs on their websites and such.

If that would not be possible, I would revert to a more empathic form of writing, perhaps one that is more natural to me. Ironically, the incriminating post (now restored without the infringing content) may be the first of its kind. I'd like to explore how a song or music in general affects me, how and what and why I feel it and perhaps offer an interesting interpretation of my own.

I do not concede defeat; the battle just got more interesting.

The picture above was taken by me on June 2005 (around midnight), near Dawson City, Canada. It is a remnant from a period my personal mythology and history refer to as "the best time of my life". Happiness is possible, even if only for a little while.

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