Thursday, November 13, 2008

Song of the Morning: Blue Jay Way (ver. 2)

Note: This is a re-post without the song (the original post was removed due to copyright infringement).

It begins in mystery and suspense: a fog upon L.A. and your friends have lost their way. You know that they are supposed to come over - you've talked to them and they've assured you that they're on their way.

So, what went wrong? You don't want to be alone and sleep is creeping in. Maybe you're all alone in the house, maybe you're all alone in the world, and your friends are no where to be seen. You don't want to fall asleep alone in this place but you're tired, so very tired.

Maybe you can dare a glimpse outside? It's dark and you can't see the stars. That damned fog is consuming the city. And no, they're still not here. You start to panic. Surely they could ask some policeman on the street for directions? Policemen provide a sense of order and security, even in L.A. And there are so many of them - you remember joking with your friends about the large number of coppers in the city. You wish they managed to meet even one of those now.

You finally go outside and sit at the door step, rocking yourself slightly as the darkness swoops in: "Please don't be long, please don't you be very long, please don't be long". Do I belong?

This beautifully sad-but-also-hope-promising song was written by George Harrison, and is evidently based on a true story. I guess Hollywood can be pretty rough for the uninitiated.

Beatles - Blue Jay Way (appears on Magical Mystery Tour).
Beatles picture appears on their profile.

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