Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Featured Artist: Fredrik

It's night. A full moon above. You're in a forest clearing surrounded by fresh green trees. It's quiet. And suddenly you hear it.

A night march. Silent, delicate but persistent and strong. You feel it carries its ancient history with it. You hear pride and self assurance but also sadness and remorse.

It inspires you. You can't make out all the words but it touches you. Something has awaken inside of you. The forest around you is stirring, marching with the music.

Finally, the musical echoes fade away in the distant. You open your eyes and stare at the stereo. A lone leaf remains.

Fredrik is a Swedish band creating wonderful music. Perhaps you can catch them out of the corner of your eyes on your next moonlight walk.

Fredrik - Black Fur {MP3} (from Na Na Ni)
The MP3 will be hosted for a limited time only and is intended for introductory purposes only. For a full listen of the album (and purchase) go to the site or just a selection on the page. Fredrik's picture from their MySpace page.

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