Sunday, November 16, 2008

Featured Artist(s): Chapman & Brocker

Chapman & Brocker are a duo of brothers from Los Angeles, who create the most wonderfully lush and subtly rich music. And that's not all - their lyrics echo landscapes and atmospheres birthed in dreams and 19th century styled novels.

For example, "Chimes" speaks of a dream-like experience rooted in some faraway personal mythology of longing, love and the underlying desire to cross over - where exactly we don't really know; we can only feel our way there. As Obscure Sound, a great music blog that had a feature on them states, Chapman & Brocker “create stories that could be experienced rather than merely understood”.

Their debut album, "Dance of the Crazy Man", which was 3 years in the making and released on late 2007, contains 11 such mystified tracks. Like their earlier work, a soundtrack for the surfer film "Best Hours of the Day", this is also a soundtrack - for an inner voyage. Just close your eyes and take a step.

Chapman & Brocker - Chimes {MP3} (from Dance of the Crazy Man)

The MP3 will be hosted for a limited time only and is intended for introductory purposes only. For a full listen of the album (and purchase) go to their site or just a selection on their page. Chapman & Brocker picture from their MySpace page.

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More About The Devil said...

I agree with you Misty (love your name by the way) Chapman & Brocker are worth checking out.