Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hail the newborn

It occurred to me that this blog seems to be rather "heavy", though but a fledgling Internet creation, barely making its way in the tangled web. As this is but the beginning, and there doesn't seem to be many readers I haven't quite found the right attitude to deal with it. I mean, what do I want to do with this space?

I suppose I should have thought about that earlier, or at least could have though about it, but if we compare it to life for a moment (getting heavy again), a child born into this life has no master plans or designs what to do with her life. She may develop these things later (only to abandon them again for something else and so on), but at the beginning there are no expectations except the very basic ones: sustenance and safety. Let us get back to the screaming, wailing blog here, fresh from birth or perhaps merely at its last stages. It still doesn't know whether it shall survive the week (nor do I).

Hmm... I think I may have made a rather critical analogy between a blog (or a creation per se) to a newborn, forcing or thrusting me into the responsibility as its caretaker. Kinda scary for a moment. Anyway, I do hope to meet this responsibility with honor. p.s - In regards to safety, I do trust Blogger.Com to assist me there. As far as food for thought and feeling (ergo creation) that is up to me. Where do I get this kind of baby food? I don't remember any ads about it...

Funny, but it reminds me of a piece in Richard Bach's "One" (which I haven't read in quite a few years) where he wonders why all (or at least a seemingly significant portion) of our original, creative ideas tend to come to us when we don't have a pen or a paper handy (and for me, the right inclination to actually sit myself at the computer). I actually don't remember how he solved the problem in his book (I remember it involved a fairy or something of the sort), but I certainly hope to get past it (or at least get a pen and a piece of paper handy at all times).
Anyway, I blogged enough for now...

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