Saturday, February 04, 2006

and another

The Raven's Flight

Atop a sidewalk in our fair
City, the box awaits
The black messenger;
Across the violent flux
The trees hasten their
Flee for freedom.

The waiting bridge holds for
A four wheel drive
Vehicle to send the word
Needed to hear of our
Love. But lo!

My lover's gone in
The sands of our tent,
The Pier stand empty
In unison of our hearts.

The darkness fast ascending,
All hope is yet but gone.
To find it now will take tomorrow
Lest the dream be discarded today.

Her business’ lot is forfeit,
The cradle never filled;
A longing for a memory may
Yet be reached.

For a choice was made
Long ago. Light or
Darkness was the set
And not in white it is
Now bathed.

Noah’s own a seed has planted
Where it took its mighty roots;
For the darken crow is not an emissary,
In pandemonium yet the dove flies..

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