Saturday, February 04, 2006

As promised, something I wrote

The following is a portion of a short story I wrote a while back, which I certainly hope to get back to and finish someday.

Let me tell you about one of the days I was serving as a druid in my forest. On that particular forest there was a small grove of big old oak trees. Though old, the trees were large and massive, their trunks wide and their leaves green.
On that day, I was strolling through the sacred grove, consecrated to the Leaf-Lord, admiring the ancient plants. A wind was blowing through the tree tops, almost whispering half muttered words to me. I wondered what it meant - for surely it was a portent of the Great Spirits of the grove. Then, a mosquito bit my arm, causing it to itch and scratch. "Ahh", I thought. "The Spirits try to warn me of this insect - though a part of the grove and nature, it has its harmful side". And the winds blew on.
A little dizzy from the afternoon sun, I looked for the small brook I knew was streaming near by. "Left or Right of this tree?", I wondered. And the winds blew on.
Stumbling, I suddenly came upon the stream, easing the itch. "Ahh", I though. "The Spirits guided me to this brook to relieve my pain and thirst". And the winds blew on.
I looked upon the small stream and saw that on either bank were various animals and local beasts. Beside me were a great Mother-Bear and her twin cubs, while on the other side licked a red fox. "Ahh", I thought, "The Spirits wanted me to marvel at this natural harmony, to feel at ease in my grove". And the winds blew on. Just then, bandits and poachers appeared, firing angry arrows at the bears and myself, as I came to their aid. One of the cubs lay dead, while the other and I were injured. "Ahh", I thought. "The Spirits wanted me to intercede on the Bears' behalf, while showing me the courage of the Mother-Bear and how precious life is". And the winds blew on.
My dizziness grew worse as the day lengthened and I realized that the arrow which struck me was poisoned. As I lay there dying I thought "Ahh, the Spirits have seen my actions as care-taker of this grove. I am now truly a part of it". I died there, my body slowly decomposing into the grove's sacred earth. And the winds blew on and on and on....

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