Saturday, February 04, 2006

and yet, another

Though darker times may wax and wane
Though falter on we may proceed
As yet out travel may be worn
Unto deep skies and thunderous wells
It leaves little to escape

And through the years of tenderness
We miss those that followed
Illicit in their own path
Though unaware, it seems, of other things
Other nights gone by, whole moons vanished

We lament it not
For though it seems wasted
And in anger and wrath drowned
Forever shall it lend its light upon our brows

And though the road is long or short
And though our breath is hard to come
Our vision remains clear of what was
And what is and what's to come

For not in vain our life was spent
Though it seems alike often
A purpose must we find and this endure
To let our fate cross our stars

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