Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Man, Alive

I've somehow managed to survive nature's latest assassination attempt (using microorganisms in the food to try and poison me was clever, better luck next time). As I slowly recover my strength and will to live, I realize how quiet it has been around me. This is not just due to the recently canceled TV cables, but mainly because I didn't really feel the drive to listen and write about anything. Obviously, that has changed.

And with good timing too. By a lucky happenstance Brighton's indie singer-songwriter Julius has released his LP Shepherdess only a few days earlier and I've ran across it. Julius claims the LP, recorded in the mountains of France, pretty much sums up his life in the past 2 years. Well, it's a beautiful life. Calming and inspiring with remnants of happy traveling days memories and friends intertwined, the sound is clear and fresh in my ears.

Check out Julius on MySpace and last.fm for awesome tracks and downloadable EPs and LP. Shepherdess is available on MySpace.

Julius - A Man Alive {MP3} (from Shepherdess)
Julius - Dark Days {MP3} (from Shepherdess)
Julius - My Lovely Boy {MP3} (from Shepherdess)
Julius - Separate {MP3} (from Shepherdess)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for making me discover this artist. he's very good indeed. beautiful and well crafted songs. I like his image too although i reckon he should sport a moustache if he wants to be even more attractive.