Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fire in Nebraska, Open Hearth at the Faire

Night falls and you're still at the Faire, marveling at the wonders and sounds around you. A soft laughter echoes in the distance as you notice a quiet spot around the burning open hearth. Around it a people sitting, listening, there and far away, distant in thought and memory. They travel by the sound of the singer accompanied by his lone guitar.

That singer could be the enigmatic man who works under the moniker of Like a Fire in Nebraska. You've never been to Nebraska yourself, but somehow you get it, or think you do. Originally from Berlin and now based in Wellington, New Zealand, Like a Fire has a way of producing a warm sense of solace, much needed at day's end. And perhaps, for you, it also sounds like home.

Check out Like a Fire in Nebraska in MySpace and for a downloadable EP and a few more streamable tracks.

Like a Fire in Nebraska - Sounds Like Home {MP3}
Like a Fire in Nebraska - Recall the Songs {MP3}
Like a Fire in Nebraska - In Memory of {MP3}

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