Tuesday, June 23, 2009

... But Summer Is Here

Perhaps the summer isn't such a bad thing after all. Yesterday I wrote a guest post at Music is Art that expressed my longing for winter and summer's end. I complained about the heat and incessant bugs flying around when all I wanted was a breath of fresh, cool air.

Well, I got it in the form of Kym Campbell, a US expatriate who now lives in Australia. Kym writes and performs warm surf/folk songs that may be reminiscent of Jack Johnson or Xavier Rudd with her own personal touch and flavor. The result, other than a little more relaxed smiles around the office, is that suddenly I feel summer may not be all bad, especially when you enjoy the breeze down the beach with good music filling the air.

Treat yourselves to Kym Campbell on her website and MySpace.

Kym Campbell - Rolls That Way {MP3} (from So Alive)
Kym Campbell - Free Flowing {MP3} (from So Alive)

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