Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Melting!

The only real fault I can find in Florida's Greenland is Melting is how much their moniker is actually based in fact. Greenland is indeed melting, though it may be the result of more than just the usual human pollution. The warmth and vibrant energies projected by this three-some should be enough to melt any ice cap.

A folk/bluegrass trio with obvious punk roots, sometimes reminiscent of the Avett Brothers, GIM has just released its new album, Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue. So watch out for those extra rising sea levels.

Check out Greenland is Melting on MySpace and Bandcamp for tracks and info (and other than GIM help stop global warming).

Greenland is Melting - From City to Town {MP3} (from Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue)
Greenland is Melting - No More Sorry Songs {MP3} (from Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue)

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