Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just another day

Well, how can I summarize today? How can I summarize any paricular day?
School was fine, pretty much as usual. I am finding it a bit difficult lately to stay awake through some parts of it, especially after lunch, but overall I think I'm getting the jist of things. At least I hope so. SQL is... not sure what the right word to describe it. Perhaps that's the problem. It's similar in some aspects to certain scripts I've become familiar with during the course, but I have a feeling "I ain't seen nothing yet".

Then, waiting to the train back to work (oh yeah, no rest for me), a sudden gust of wind blew away 3 of my CVs on the tracks, where I could not retreive them (so I'm expecting some very interesting phone calls and e-mails). That wasn't very nice. On the upper-side of things, I hope, I have two job interviews scheduled for next week. Yay.

I still intend to write and publish my musical reviews, as well as put some pictures, but that would have to wait for the weekend.


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