Friday, January 18, 2013

"... But one day I'll be free"

It's true I am out of touch. In part, I wish to escape the dreary reality I was born into and be elsewhere, anywhere, but in the here and now. Music used to allow me such a method of traveling without moving (too much - even this poor body can attempt his own version of a dance on occasion). But I seemed to have hardened my skin in the past few years, raising new barriers to keep the world out and looking deeper within. So it now takes a more conscious effort to open up and listen, and consequently, to feel. But I can't hide anymore. And though the pain is ever present, it may have some positive uses to it yet.

But I will take things in measure. Life, and the people we meet, need to be appreciated. Every person has a story to tell, a unique voice, a point of view. The world is full of wonder and terror and we know nothing except this very moment. We may be wrong, we may be right, but that in itself doesn't matter as much as the respect and love we give our fellow travelers. And if that sounds like a load of new age BS, well, maybe it is. Meaning, as pretty much everything, is in the eye of the beholder.

Marika Hackman (taken from a Bristol Couch session)

Marika Hackman is a beautiful British artist I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a few days ago. As always, the music speaks for itself, and it carries that slightly haunting-mysterious air about it that I find so intriguing and appealing. It evokes that feeling of distant memories and dreams long gone, of scenes and experiences you're not sure were ever real, but are true just the same. Recording these clips in a dark tunnel adds its share as well.

Marika Hackman - Bath is Black {from the upcoming That Iron Taste mini album}

Marika Hackman - Mountain Spines {from the upcoming That Iron Taste mini album}

Check Marika Hackman on tour and on her website:

Marika Hackman w/ Ethan Johns UK Dates 

1st Feb – Brighton – Unitarian Church
2nd Feb – Brighton – South Street Theatre
4th Feb – Bristol – Colston Hall 
2 5th Feb – Cardiff – The Gate Arts Centre
6th Feb – Exeter – Phoenix 
7th Feb – Nottingham – Glee Club Studio
9th Feb – Sheffield – The Lantern Theatre
10th Feb – Birmingham – Glee Club
11th Feb – Norwich – Arts Centre
13th Feb – Liverpool – The Capstone Theatre
14th Feb – Stockton – The Georgian Theatre
15th Feb – Kendal – Brewery Arts Centre
16th Feb – Edinburgh – The Pleasance Theatre
18th Feb – Manchester – Sacred Trinity
19th Feb – Leeds – Brudenell
25th Feb – London – Purcell Rooms 

Marika Hackman Headline UK Tour

28th Feb  – Brighton – Komedia
1st March – Bristol – Louisiana
2nd march – Manchester – The Castle
3rd March – Edinburgh – Electric Circus
4th March – Newcastle – Think Tank
                                           6th March – London – Sebright Arms

Be sure to also check out Bristol Couch on Youtube for some lovely outdoorsy folk clips, including one featuring Marika Hackman.


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